The Goldfish

Someone asked her during that time of her life how she felt. And she always thought there were no proper words to describe it. It was an image in her head, an alternate reality she had created, coexisting with this one, she knew. She knew it. But that image was all she could ever describe, […]

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Frenzy of the tired mind

And when I struggle to open my eyes this morning, I think of this body as a collection of parts at war with each other. These fleeting thoughts and aching back  that whisper, “Hush now. It’s alright. Close your eyes. The world will go on with or without you.” – and they are me.  They […]

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I’d never let your hands get burned
I’d never let go of lessons learned
That burdens shared were burdens halved but
Darkness shared just meant more dark.

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Originally posted on The Ziauddin University Atlas Blog:
SOURCE: GOOGLE ? BY: SABA SAEED, M.B.B.S., BATCH XX They say a broken clock still tells the right time twice a day And each broken heart knows all the right words to say. So unless you stop, and look closer than a minute, You’ll never see the…

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You and I

Originally posted on The Ziauddin University Atlas Blog:
? Airport, PHOTO CREDITS: FARIHA M. SALEEM, M.B.B.S, BATCH XXI BY: SABA SAEED, M.B.B.S., BATCH XX You and I, and everyone else. Souls fleshed out in poetry, alas in a language spoken by none. But Beautiful, All the same. About the author: Avid chai and poetry enthusiast

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